100 Great Names for Your Pet Fish

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It is easy to pick a name for a dog or a cat. But, picking a name for your pet fish? That would be ridiculous, especially if you have plenty of fish in your aquarium. On the other hand, it should be crazy fun coming up with a name for each of your swimming friends. Don’t know where to start? I suggest picking one from these 100 great names for your pet fish.

Popular Fish Names

Most fish hobbyists prefer more mainstream names. It is like picking a name for your unborn baby. You can have thousands of options. You can name them after your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, family members, and almost anyone with a name. Here are ten of the most popular fish names you might want to consider.

  1.     Nemo – Disney’s beloved clownfish
  2.     Dory – Marlin’s forgetful friend and the star of her own Disney film
  3.     Magikarp – The filthy water-thriving, Gyarados-evolving fish Pokemon
  4.     Bait – An ironic name that will hopefully get you interested
  5.     Flipper – The bottlenose dolphin that starred in the 1960’s-era TV series of the same name
  6.     Long John Silver – The complex and colorful pirate character in Treasure Island
  7.     Nugget – The main character in Kindergarten and Billy’s best friend
  8.     Aquaman – A member of the Justice League and Ocean Master
  9.     Ariel – The mermaid-turned-human-turned-mermaid star of The Little Mermaid
  10.   Sushi – An ironic name with a hint of sophistication and rawness

clown fish

Punny Pairings

Do you have a pair of fish like lovebirds in a cage, only that they are in an aquarium? Ditch the classic Romeo and Juliet kind of naming. Think outside the box. The point here is to have fun with your favorite pairings. 

  1.   Tic and Tac – Ferrero’s beloved hard mint that cools everyone around the world
  2.   Han and Chewie – The Millennium Falcon’s dynamic duo
  3.   Rocket and Man – A fishy take on Elton John’s 2019 biopic
  4.   Sea and Weed – A name that needs no explanation
  5.   Oopsy and Daisy – A very encouraging expression to lift a kid after falling
  6.   Phineas and Ferb – The lovable whiz kids of the Tri-State Area
  7.   Splish and Splash – Bobby Darin’s 1958 jazz piece
  8.   Bonnie and Clyde – One of the most famous American criminal couple
  9.   Yin and Yang – It is all about dualism and complementariness
  10.   Aqua and Fina – Pepsi’s purified bottled water offering to the world

Fish Names that Will Drive You Nuts

For some people, giving an ordinary-sounding name for their beloved pet is lame. Try upping the ante in your search for the weirdest, most hilarious, and most outrageous fish names with the following suggestions. 

  1.   Ann Chovy – The fish that graces many of the world’s best cuisines
  2.   Uncle Salmon – A light take on Uncle Sam
  3.   Guppi Goldberg – Not the Las Vegas headliner Dolores de Cartier nor Sister Mary Clarence
  4.   Bubba Gump – Forrest’s buddy in the Vietnam War
  5.   Finneus – Take your pick from the many Finneas options
  6.   Aqua Bob Squarepants – Bikini Bottom’s fun-loving sea sponge
  7.   James Pond – Licensed to Fishkill?
  8.   Gill Clinton – The alternate universe’s 42nd president of the US
  9.   Genghis Karp – The Mongolian conqueror of Northeast Asia
  10.   Phish Styx – A British favorite, especially among kids
  11.   Swim Shady – Eminem’s 2000 hip-hop hit
  12.   Bubble Fett – Mandalorian bounty hunter, Jango Fett’s unaltered clone
  13.   Tarter Sauce – Phish Styx’s best friend
  14.   Puff Daddy – Rapper Sean John Combs’ stage name
  15.   Happy Gillmore – Adam Sandler’s character in a 1996 comedy film
  16.   Salmon and Gillfunkel – One of the greatest folk-rock duos of the ‘60s
  17.   Nat Kingfish Cod – A jazz legend and father of Natalie Cole
  18.   Alpha Betta – The alphabet? Or should it be alpha and omega?
  19.   Mackerelmore – American songwriter and rapper from Seattle
  20.   Tuna Turner – Music kingdom’s Queen of Rock n’ Roll
  21.   Marlin Monroe – The world’s most enduring sex symbol
  22.   Sharkira – The Latina that is making ripples in the music industry
  23.   Goldie Hawn – Multi-awarded Hollywood actress and Kurt Russell’s beloved
  24.   Slimeface – A slimy Gunky Bogeyopica inhabitant in Ben 10
  25.   Cheeto – There should be an ‘s’ for the cheesy treat
  26.   Fishface – A Brazilian street thug and a TMNT antagonist loyal to Shredder
  27.   Sparky – The National Fire Protection Association’s official mascot
  28.   Bigmouth Billy Bass – A late 1990s animatronic singing prop
  29.   Puckerface Jones – Is it Lady Gaga’s 2008 song?
  30.   Slimy Steve – A more fun name than Silly Steve

Clever Fish Names

Dolphins and octopuses are two of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. Would it not be nice to think of names related to their ‘brainy’ attributes? Check out the following fish name suggestions.

  1.   Chupacabra – Dusty Crophopper’s Mexican friend in the Disney film, Planes
  2.   Squidward – The Krusty Krab’s pretentious and ill-tempered cashier
  3.   Viagra – Need help for your manhood?
  4.   Finn – The Stormtrooper-turned-Resistance fighter in the Star Wars sequel trilogy
  5.   Aqualad – The teenage version of Aquaman
  6.   Galypso – The nymph who turned Odysseus into her immortal partner
  7.   Bobo – A clever rabbit
  8.   Nefario – Gru’s gadgeteer and his fart gun
  9.   Barbie – A smart toy in Toy Story
  10.   Dexter – The bespectacled boy genius in Dexter’s Laboratory

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For Your Betta Only

People love bettas for their long, beautiful fins with iridescent scales and flashy colors. They are prized fighters of the aquatics hobby world. Naming them should take into consideration their aggressive nature if not their other characteristics.

  1.   Betta Midler – Multi-awarded American songwriter, comedian, actress, and singer
  2.   Blue Ivy – Youngest BET Awardee and an American singer
  3.   Papa Smurf – The oldest Smurf at age 546
  4.   Alpha – Precedes the beta
  5.   Draco – The first of the ancient Greek legislators
  6.   Salsa – Can be a condiment or an energetic and sexy dance
  7.   Tsunami – Head towards the hills
  8.   Mulan – A legendary Chinese woman warrior
  9.   Betta White – An excellent name for your white Opal betta
  10.   Blueboy – Nice choice for blue bettas

Golden Names for Your Goldie

The quintessential aquarium fish, goldfish is one of the easiest fish to name. You can focus on their color and think of items, objects, or people who may have such a hue in their lives.

  1.   Ginger – A member of the Spice Girls or your favorite culinary spice
  2.   Savannah – The classic African landscape
  3.   Cheetah – A mainstay in savannahs
  4.   Amber – Perfect for reddish or orange-reddish goldies
  5.   Pumpkin – A wise choice for dark-yellow goldfish
  6.   Tropicana – Brighter than a sun-kissed orange
  7.   Goldilocks – The character in a British fairy tale together with the three bears
  8.   Wasabi – The perfect condiment for your sushi
  9.   Dorothy – Judy Garland’s character in the Wizard of Oz
  10.   Cleo – For your goldfish with a reddish hue

Tetra-riffic Names

Tetras are peace-loving fish species that roam the aquarium in schools. They can turn your fish tank into an instant dance hall mirror ball. Take your cue from here.

  1.   Sparkles – Like the stars of the nighttime sky
  2.   Glowy – Not the glow-in-the-dark variety
  3.   Diamond – No other gem sparkles like a diamond
  4.   Boring – The obvious antithesis to sparkle
  5.   Neon – Images of The Strip come to mind

Hippy Guppy Names

They look like Tetras, only less ‘dazzling’. It does not mean guppies are not valuable. You can start naming them by analyzing their unique characteristics.

  1.   Jewel – How you consider your fish in your life
  2.   Fancy Pants – One of Crazy Games’ most addictive 2D platform titles
  3.   Lil’ Finsta – Your ‘other’ more compact Instagram account with fewer followers
  4.   Pearl – It takes immense patience to make one of these
  5.   Hydra – Greek mythology’s multi-headed serpent or a freshwater organism?

Catty Catfish Names

We are not talking about giant catfish that Southerners love to noodle. With their long catlike whiskers, a flat and broad head, and a sleek torpedo-like body, there should be plenty of inspiration to come up with a catfish name.

  1.   Dinner – Whether fried or baked, catfish is sure a great dinner
  2.   Black Panther – Or, you can call your fish T’Challa
  3.   Hook – You have got to love Captain Hook’s hooky nose and beard
  4.   Kitty – What better name to give to a catfish than its slang
  5.   Cory – Nickname for small species of aquarium catfish, the Corydoras

Roaring Tiger Pleco Names

Tiger Plecos are very striking fish to watch in the aquarium. They are relatives of catfishes. The only difference is their maze-like stripes resembling tiger stripes.

  1.   Tigger – Winnie the Pooh’s bouncy striped-friend in the Hundred Acre Wood
  2.   Frosted Flakes – The name of Kellogg’s cartoon mascot for its Frosties breakfast cereal
  3.   Woodsy – Tiger Woods would be honored to have you name your pet Tiger Pleco after him
  4.   Stripes – Have you seen a tiger without stripes?
  5.   Rajah – Princess Jasmine’s loyal, protective, and beloved Bengal tiger

You will be surprised at how easy it is to create a name for your favorite fish. Look at its physical appearance and take your cue from there. You can also put a little twist to your favorite films, movie characters, objects, and what have you.

What matters is you are having fun coming up with a great name for your aquatic friend. Who knows? You might be able to expand on these 100 great names for your pet fish. 



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