Why Does My Cat Lay On My Chest?

Spending time with your cat will make you realize that your feline friend has its unique habits and quirks. They would like to lounge and play with you depending on their mood.

But sometimes, they can be clingy and would like to be on top of your chest for a reasonable amount of time. It is okay to wonder, ‘why does my cat lay on my chest’?

If you search for answers on this gentle and sweet mannerism in felines, continue reading on.

Why does my cat lay on my chest?

There are a lot of reasons why cats lay on their master’s chest. This act of sweetness can be odd to some and utterly endearing to other paw parents. Here are the common reasons why cats love to lay on their master’s chest.

To show their love for you

Cats love to show their affection by being cuddly without being forced. Most cat owners will testify that cats will voluntarily lay on your chest rather than putting them forcibly there.

Laying on your chest is a manifestation of their love for their owners. This theory has been the most widely accepted reason why cats love to lay on their master’s chest.

To seek warmth

If you have noticed that your cat loves the sunlight, that is because they crave warmth. Laying on top of your chest will give cats physical warmth they can’t get from plain beddings and cat pillows.

Aside from your chest, you can also find your cat lounging on your lap or between your legs for warmth.

To be secured

As kittens, cats have used to sleep beside or nearby their mothers. This gives them the feeling that they are safe when their parents are around. This behavior can transition well into adulthood.

Even when they have their bed, or even beside your bed, they would love to lay on your chest for security purposes.

To have comfort

If you are wondering why your cat lays on your chest, of all places, is that they take comfort in your heartbeat.

As mentioned, they like being around their mothers; having a beating heart to lay on gives them comfort. Having this comforting sound makes them calm and relaxed.

To have authority

Some cats love being treated as superior pets at home. Likewise, they like to lay on your chest for authority. Some cat breeds like to claim ownership of their masters for themselves.

While this theory may not always be accurate, you can observe if they are territorial to home spots like couches, beds, and even their toys.

This reason will correlate with how much your cat likes to have you most of the time.

white cat

Is it okay to let my cat sleep on my chest?

Having your cat on your chest is generally acceptable. It does not impose harm on you, and you get to spend time with your pet.

However, this behavior can get pretty annoying, especially when you are just watching TV, reading a book, or minding your own business.

It is vital to have boundaries as well. But bonding with your cat on your chest most likely has a positive effect on your pet, for it does it habitually.

What should I do to keep my cat off my chest?

While it is a comforting and sweet gesture, having a cat on the chest can also be irritating. If you are firm in letting the cat go for alone time, consider these tips to get your cat off:

  • Let them have their own time on your chest. This will give them the attention, comfort, and security they need.
  • Spend a good bonding time with your cat so it won’t invade your personal space.
  • Wearing textured clothes can get your cat off your chest. This will take away the comfort that they are seeking in your area.
  • If you do not like your cat on top of your chest at all times, enforce a no-cat zone on your chest consistently.
  • Let your cat know that your chest is beyond its limits. Be firm in your decision and be consistent in not letting him stay on your chest.

What does it mean when my cat likes to sleep beside me in bed?

Cats value their sleeping spots as they become vulnerable at that time. Cats like to sleep on their owner’s bed because it makes them feel closer and more secure.

The scent of their owner lingers on the sheets, and the bed is warm with their owner beside them.

What are the benefits when my cat sleeps beside me?

Having pets, in general, have emotional and psychological benefits. It is another story when they

sleep beside you. Some pet owners consider their beds as their sanctuary and their personal space. However, there are benefits when your furry pets spend the night with you.

Stress Reduction

Petting a sleeping cat has been shown to reduce blood pressure elevations at night. It also reduces overall anxiety and stress.


Like cats, humans tend to find warmth in other creatures. If you quickly get cold, having a cat beside you at night will give you additional warmth, besides your blanket.


If you tend to work by daytime, sleeping with your cat at night will increase and strengthen your bond.

Cats know that sleeping at night with their owners makes them feel more secure. Having them at night will also increase your cat’s trust in you.

What are the disadvantages of sleeping beside my cat?

Although sleeping with your cat comes with many benefits, it can also come with some disadvantages on your part.

At the end of the day, it is your personal choice to let them sleep with you on your bed. The common disadvantages of sleeping beside them are:

Sleep disturbance

Since cats have a different sleeping pattern from humans, they can get a bit more active when it is not sleeping.

And unfortunately, this time for them to be physically vigorous is at night. Sleeping beside your cat can disturb your sleep because it can move around a lot.


Even when you firmly instruct your cat to sleep beside you, they can lay on your chest or your head at times.

This can be a bit annoying and obnoxious. This discomfort at night can lead to low sleep quality.

Hygiene Issues

If you are out of the house by day, you will never know where the paws of your feline friend have stepped on. Even when you wash them beforehand, dirt can be stuck in between.

Cats that are active at night can lounge in and out of your room and get back on top of you. Cat activities at night can happen without your knowledge, and this can bring on various hygiene issues.

Because they don’t take a bath every day and because they tend to spend hours elsewhere, they could bring in potential diseases that can be passed on to you.

girl playing with cat


Do cats choose who to sleep with?

Cats are pretty picky on who to sleep with, especially when the house has many members. Unlike humans, who mostly live on a scheduled sleeping pattern, cats are crepuscular species.

This means that they nap all throughout the day, but will most likely be awake at dusk or dawn. Because of this sleeping pattern, it will their sleeping buddies will not be consistent for the entire night.

But over time, cats will have a set of considerations on whom they will snooze with. This will not be constant, but you might see a pattern on whom they would like to spend lying around with.

Here are common reasons why they would want to lay around you at bedtime:

Scent and Sound

Cats tend to linger on great-smelling clothes and pheromones. Scents and sounds can be attuned to their preference for sleeping.

Some cats like the snoring sound at night, while some cats prefer peace. Breathing sounds tend to lull them together with the lingering human scent.

Food Buddy

If you have been giving them treats, they will most likely associate your presence with some reward. Most cats are motivated by food.

Cats have an excellent memory, and they will remember those who give food scraps when their humans eat on the dining table.

Warm Spots

Pets are creatures of warmth. In general, cats love warm spots and will likely bury themselves in between the sheets with you. Even when they have their beds, they love to have someone to sleep with for warmth.

Safety and Security

Your feline friend also loves spots that give them security at night. They are particular with people whom they can trust with. Safe sites also include those where they can quickly get up anytime to make a leisurely getaway.


Having a cat on your chest can be a great bonding moment for you and your pet. It is beneficial for the both of you –it is stress-reducing, calming, and comforting.

New cat owners wondering ‘why does my cat lay on my chest’ is natural. Cats like being around their owner because it is an instinct for them.

It all boils down to personal preference if they also like their cat to be in their chest or sleep with it in bed.

Rita Wagenerhttps://thepetkeepers.com
Rita is a resident paw expert at Pet Keepers. A registered & licensed dog trainer, she also has a degree in animal nutrition, and runs her own dog training course.

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